Explore some of the many amenities that make the Monroe Center the right choice for your business. In the hyper-competitive NYC metro region, we have made a name for ourselves as the place that serves you - and your many clients - right.


If real estate is all about location, location, location, then this hub of commerce is exhibit A! Located just minutes from lower Manhattan, and in the center of a prospering community, there are very few places one would rather be.

Taking it Outside:

From the cozy courtyard to the imposing sky bridge, this former industrial site boasts the captivating feel in vogue today. The breeze from the river offers outdoor diners and employees that vital fresh breath of ahhhh.


Public transportation links the center to New York City in minutes, and proximity to Hoboken mainstays means that everyone finds a trip here to be a pleasant and convenient experience.


The Monroe Center has become a local food destination with something for every palate. Fast food, dining, pastries, or a hot cup of joe are always just a step away for shoppers and professionals.


The shared spaces at the center are as magnificent as they are inviting. Meticulous design, modern touches, and playful furnishings seamlessly embody the Monroe Center Spirit.

Be part of something bigger.

Lease space at Monroe Center and elevate your brand in this dynamic community, just minutes from Midtown