The history of the Monroe Center is a story as charming as it is inspiring. And while much has changed over the decades, the Monroe Center is a living testament to the local spirit, commemorating its past while charting a course into our modern age - one glorious chapter at a time.

Transformation across the Hudson.

Hoboken wasn't always the trendy locale it is today. Once a central port and industrial powerhouse, the city's metamorphosis is a testament to the vision, creativity and drive that make this wonderful city special.

From Blinds to Blind Faith.

When the massive Levolor Blinds industrial complex was repurposed late in the 20'th century, nobody could have envisioned what they would one day become. Two towering buildings totaling 180,000 SF in total were turned into light industrial space and artist studios. It soon became known as The Monroe Center, a hub of culture and commerce in this rapidly-transitioning city.

Today: Hoboken at its best.


In 2011, Basad Realty took over management of the property and along with it, took the Monroe Center to the next level. The buildings were optimized and updated to accommodate the contemporary needs of businesses and the community.

The artsy vibe of years past was seamlessly fused with the thriving, vibrant business and recreation center of today. With office lofts, retail spaces, dining establishments, fitness centers, and artistic studios, Monroe Center rose to become Hoboken's town square, the place where locals center their non-home lives.