I believe in the daily ritual of taking coffee breaks, and I look forward to that time of peace when I can unwind and relax myself from the rush of everyday life.  There are so many individuals worldwide that enjoy their coffee breaks – it’s the perfect moment to meet friends, go on casual dates, and enjoy some personal time. The brand philosophy is simple: the break is less about the consumption of coffee and more about savoring – savoring that very moment in time.

The Brew watch collection is designed to celebrate and capture our enjoyable coffee experiences.  I’ve drawn inspiration from industrial espresso machines, which feature a special blend of warm contrasting colors and a variety of brushing effects. This combination of colors and textures help to emphasize every component that is used to create this beautiful timepiece.  Similar to an espresso machine, they express their own industrial nature with unique vented aesthetics seen on the sides, caseback, and crown.

I was able to collectively take my passion and design process and immerse it all within the Brew collection. Ultimately, I want others to feel more connected with the daily ritual they enjoy.  It’s my mission to share this story, and also to allow you to personally relate to this unique piece and remind you of the importance of time.