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Katherine Parker was born in Durham, North Carolina and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. She studied art history and painting at Virginia Commonwealth University and then moved to NYC in 1981, receiving her MFA from Columbia University in 1983. Parker is known for her large, vividly painted canvases which are characterized by layers of scumbled and abraded oil paint. The final pieces contain the record of the painting process and afford evocative clues to the viewer of the layers and erasures beneath the surface. She studied with Milton Resnick, Louise Fishman and Irving Sandler and was influenced by the rigors and temperament of the New York School.

Parker’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the NY, NJ area including The Hunterdon Museum, The Newark Museum, PS 1 MOMA, The Jersey City Museum, Spanierman Modern Gallery, Heidi Cho Gallery, Gary Snyder Gallery, and the Accola Littlejohn Gallery. She is currently represented by Spanierman Modern in NYC.

Parker lives with her husband and her two children in Hoboken NJ.
She also maintains her studio there.