The Local Barre Social Club Experience

The New Local. Serving up the ultimate “High” you’ve been craving – this one isn’t meant to be a quickie

Quickly becoming your secret LOCAL addiction, the Local Barre Social Club will become your go-to venue that will serve up more than just Barre classes. Our NEW Private Reserve membership provides our members with health, wellness, and spa services you seek out daily, weekly, and monthly including all day nanny services (for our Local mama’s). Developed by women for women, Local Barre Social Club provides a premium space where women’s needs, and desires are met; it provides an unparalleled service experience and escape to our LOCAL community.

Local Barre Social Club is a 1920s-speakeasy inspired feel where clients can expect a provocative studio space; intimate, and welcoming that creates a luxurious and uplifting environment for women to release all the weight they walked in with and tuck into a new physical, mental, and emotional state. Take class, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, socialize with a community of like-minded women, work away from your home, entertain friends, shop, and enjoy speciality events while you are here. As a complete office space, no matter your stage in life or daily needs, we are prepared to offer the support you are looking for.

We can’t wait for YOU to experience the Ultimate High!