At Panello we offer our Hoboken community and our patrons from all areas a warm and friendly atmosphere where the beautiful LePanyol wood burning oven is the center of the restaurant.

Handcrafted pizza is our passion, fresh salads and small plates are carefully and lovingly crafted by chef owner Iggy Sciancalepore.

Iggy is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. After graduating, he was garde manger and sous chef for Bouterin restaurant in Manhattan. Nowadays, you will find him in the Panello kitchen creating the piatti piccolini and putting his own spin on Italian classics for weekly specials.

His wife Frieda’s passion is the fine art of bread baking in the European tradition of rich and dark crusted hearty loaves of pain au levain and the Neapolitan tradition of light disks of flavorful dough (panello) on which to create delicious toppings have been an ongoing pleasurable challenge for her. She is always perfecting her craft to extract more flavor from their local and Italian flours.  Frieda also graduated from the French Culinary Institute in baking, and attended the Culinary Institute of America and the New York Institute.