In 2004, our Academy’s Founder, Alex Hodara (an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner & Forbes 30 Under 30), was a child entrepreneur who spent most of his lunch periods in the school library growing his online merchandising business.  Fourteen years later, he found himself back in the same library hosting a technology competition for brilliant, young students.  The participants spent the day building a robot or app and he was blown away by their creations.

When the competition ended, Alex acted as the judge of the competition and asked them what their marketing plans were for their final products.  He looked out into a room of blank stares.  None of them had considered what they would do with the amazing technology they had just built.  Why wasn’t there a program that taught children about cutting-edge technology, entrepreneurship, and global industries that are changing the world?

Over the next year, we built Rocket Club Academy’s curriculum and designed the experience to be the program that we wished we had when we were children. We opened our first location in February 2019 and instantly recognized the intense demand for this new category of STEAM & Entrepreneurship education for children. Within one year, we opened locations in New York City, Hoboken, and Chicago and signed up hundreds of members virtually from 29 states, England, Ireland, and Poland.

Our boutique community is run by a tight-knit team that provides lifetime support to our Certified Members who will grow up seeing the world differently because of their education with us.  We will do everything in our power to help them become everything they want to be when they grow up.