In 2009, Ken Zorovich and Yos Kumthampinij founded ZOKU when they phased out their design studio to pursue a new challenge. After years of helping other companies with product development, it was time to launch their own lifestyle brand.

 With a simple philosophy in mind (that the most thoughtful products should function as beautifully as they look), the two friends began dreaming up new solutions to familiar challenges.
 One of the first concepts they landed on was a device for freezing popsicles rapidly. Ken and Yos constructed a prototype from aluminum cigar tubes and surprised even themselves with how well it worked. After a little more experimentation, the iconic Quick Pop Maker was born! Its launch made ZOKU a household name seemingly overnight, with Wired magazine calling the Hoboken-based company “a scrappy designer’s success story.” The rest is history.
 Today, ZOKU continues to develop innovative products to meet a growing range of customer needs. From space-saving storage solutions to revolutionary on-the-go products–each is painstakingly crafted according to Ken and Yos’ original vision: the perfect balance of form and function.