There has never been a time like the present, where international cooperation is so vital in an ever-connecting world. Schools are taking into consideration how they teach students to become engaged global citizens, not just citizens of their own community. Tessa International School in Hoboken offers a unique setting for children to experience four major cultures in an effort to prepare them to be global leaders. Keep reading to learn more about the school and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

Kids at the TESSA international school located at the Monroe Center in Hoboken.

Children are never too young to learn a new language and lucky for Hudson County, Tessa International School is now accepting students of all language levels in Spanish, French, and Mandarin for Nursery through Third grades starting in September.

In the primary, each child’s program includes English with intensive classes in Spanish, French, or Mandarin based on each individual’s level, as well as Specials classes in visual art, STEAM, lab, physical education, drama, and music.

“Tessa International School offers education and community like no other. Through understanding and respect, we aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring children of the world, and future leaders of tomorrow,” Kathleen Visconti, told Hoboken Girl. “We incorporate best practices from around the world to our programs, such as the International Baccalaureate, Yale Center for Social and Emotional Learning, Singapore Math, the French National Curriculum, and curricula from Spanish and Chinese-speaking countries.”

The teachers at Tessa create a multicultural community of energetic, experienced education professionals who are open-minded and invested in their work.

“At Tessa, we provide a world-class education, based on the most successful international models. Our international educators are given the means to flourish in their profession by sharing, investigating, and adapting the education practices worldwide to their classes,” Kathleen Visconti, said. “Our teachers are trained and experienced instructors from the United States, France, Spain, China, Mexico and a wide geography of Spanish, Chinese and French speaking countries.”

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Article written by: Ainsley Layland
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